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Children's Internet Usage Policy


It is the intention of Beloit Elementary School to provide access for students and staff to state-of-the-art computer technology, electronic mail and the World Wide Web via the Internet.  All users must share the responsibility for seeing that these facilities are used in an effective, efficient, ethical and lawful manner.  It is expected that all students will comply with this policy.


Users are responsible for adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Users will respect the integrity of the computer and network system.  The computer systems are set up by the system administrator and are not to be altered in any way.
  • Users will display appropriate conduct and observe the rules of “Netiquette”.  Users will respect the rights and privacy of others and not gain unauthorized access to resources of others or vandalize the data of another person or entity.
  • E-mail messages sent to others must be signed by the sender and must use appropriate language, which is not abusive, profane or offensive.  E-mail will not be used to distribute hate mail, make discriminatory remarks or exhibit antisocial behavior.
  • Users will respect the legal protection provided by copyright license to program, books, data, articles, photography, artwork, etc.
  • The Internet will be used in support of education and research consistent with the policies of the District including assessing, saving, or using only appropriate language, graphics or text.  Users agree not to access/transmit materials, which are obscene/pornographic, terroristic or considered offensive.
  • The computer network/Internet will be used only for lawful and school-related purposes.  Use of the computer network/Internet for illegal activities, commercial purposes, posting anonymous messages or advertising is strictly prohibited.
  • The computer network/Internet is not be used for “chat” areas and gaming zones.
  • The users agree to the following equipment/lab guidelines:

Adhere to general printing and file-saving instructions; use equipment with care and keep the lab/computer area clean and orderly; use only software which has been assigned by staff; report equipment or software problems to a staff member; leave all computer materials and equipment in the lab/computer area; and, keep all food and drinks out of the lab/computer area.