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USD 273 Beloit

Junior & Senior High


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Please Scroll down to find Information and forms on:

  1. Health Assessments for those entering school for the first time
  2. Immunizations
  3. Prescription Medication/Over the Counter Meds
  4. Forms for students with that Require Action Plans:
  5. School Guidelines on Illness
  6. Sports Physical Forms/Concussion Signature Form
  7. Lice Info
  8. Peanut Allergy


Nurse: Jenny Isbell Nurses Assistant: Kathrina Jordan

                                      High School: 785-738-3593     Elementary: 785-738-3581
                                      Fax Number: 785-738-5566     Fax Number: 785-738-3357

Health Assessment Physicals

(for students entering school for the first time ages 9 and under)

Click here for health assessment form

Children entering Kansas schools for the first time are required to have a health assessment.   If a health assessment is not available upon transfer from previous school USD 273 will request form from pupil to obtain a health assessment.

               The Kansas statue states :  Every pupil up to the age of nine years who has not previously enrolled in any school in this state, prior to admission to and attendance in school, shall present to the appropriate school board the results of a health assessment. If a pupil transfers from one school to another, the school board of the school from which the pupil transfers shall forward with the pupil's transcript, upon request of the parent or guardian of the pupil therefore, the results of the health assessment showing evidence of compliance with the requirements of this section to the school board of the school to which the pupil transfers.

Immunizations Requirements

Click here for Immunization requirements for PRESCHOOL STUDENTS

If your child does not have updated records they will be excluded from school until proper updated records are received after two delinquent notifications have been sent to parents or guardians.


Attention Parents of 6th grade students:

·         Students attending 7th grade need the following vaccinations to attend school.




Prescription Medications

Click here for USD 273 Authorization for Administering Medications

All medications given by the school nurse will require a written statement from the doctor.  We need the Authorization for Administering Medications signed by the parent/ guardian and physician.   Please contact the nurse’s office if unable to obtain form from above.

All medications must be in original pharmacy labeled container.  

Over the Counter (OTC) Medication

Click here for the OTC Medication Form

Sometimes for the best interest of our students they may benefit from OTC medication.  We are allowed to do this but we need a signed permission form from the parent/guardian.  Examples of OTC medication are Tylenol, Benadryl, Cough Drops, ect.  All medications must be in original container.  Please contact the nurse’s office if unable to obtain form from above.

Emergency Medications

If your child suffers from a life threatening or sever disease or allergies such as asthma, food reactions, and seizures, please notify the nurse so we can develop an Action Plan.  We want to keep our students safe and the best ways to do this is by being aware and have a plan to take care of your child.

Each school year we need you and your child’s physician to update the forms listed below:

Click here for:



Click here for:  Should I send my child to school guidelines


Sports Physical

Click here for a Sports Physical Form (required to play sports)

Click here for Concussion Information and Signature Page from KSHAAC (required to play sports)

To be eligible for participation in interscholastic athletics/spirit groups, a student must have on file with the superintendent or principal, a signed statement by a practicing physician or registered physicians assistant certifying the student has passed an adequate physical examination and is physically fit to participate. (See KSHSAA Handbook, Rule 7.) A complete history and physical examination must be performed upon a student’s initial entrance into KSHSAA interscholastic athletics/cheerleading.

The annual history and the physical examination shall not be taken earlier than May 1 preceding the school year for which it is applicable. The KSHSAA recommends completion of this evaluation by athletes/cheerleaders at least one month prior to the first practice to allow time for correction of deficiencies and implementation of conditioning recommendations.


Lice Yikes!!!!

Click here for HEAD LICE information


Nut Allergies:   Nut-Free Snack Suggestion List Below

1. Click here for Peanut allergy friendly snack list

2. Click here for more detailed Nut free snack list

   Beloit Elementary is a Peanut-Nut Free School

   Question: Why is my child's school peanut-free or nut-free? And because it is peanut-free or nut-free, what foods can she bring?

    Answer: Schools ban peanuts or tree nuts when there are severely allergic children enrolled because those allergic children can react even to     tiny traces of peanut or nut dust in the air, or to peanut or nut residue on a lunch table. In the worst-case scenario, these reactions can be life-threatening.

Unfortunately, peanut and tree nut allergies aren't like other allergies. Most people with food allergies — even severe allergies — can manage their allergies by simply not eating foods that contain those allergens. They read labels, don't eat food if they don't trust the food, and they ask questions about potential cross-contamination.

People with peanut and tree nut allergies follow all these steps too. However, they need to take additional precautions, because it's possible for them to react to traces of nut dust in the air (from peanut shells, for example).

In addition, nuts and peanuts are full of natural oils that leave residues. While these residues can be removed with common household cleaners, it can be difficult or impossible to clean tables in the middle of lunch, for example, or for school cleaning staff to know to clean oils off of tainted walls or doorknobs during the school day.

Because of these issues, and because peanut and tree nut allergies can be life-threatening, many schools have responded by designating peanut- or nut-free lunch tables or classrooms, or even by declaring the entire campus peanut- or nut-free.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the School Nurse.