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Why should a parent get involved?

  • Higher grades and test scores of students
  • Better attitudes and behavior of students
  • Better school attendance
  • More homework completed and homework done on time
  • Greater likelihood of graduating from high school
  • Better chance of enrolling in post secondary education


How do I get involved in my child's education?

Make school important.

  • Be sure your child gets to school on time.
  • Talk to your child about the benefits of education.
  • Speak positively about teachers and the school. 
  • Attend open houses, conferences, and programs
  • Answer notes and calls from the teacher
  • Check your child's planner each day
  • Check your child's online grades               

Encourage reading and writing.

  • Keep books, magazines, and newspapers at home
  • Take your child to the library & give books as gifts
  • Read with your child. (Even older children enjoy this
  • Show an interest in  & discuss what your child reads
  • Encourage your child to write notes to relatives and friends
  • Suggest that your child keep a journal or a diary


 What can I do at home to help my child?

  • Make sure your child arrives to school well-rested.
  • Make sure your child has a good breakfast before school
  • Set a regular time and quiet place for homework to be completed
  • Ask about your child's school day, interests, and friends
  • Limit and monitor TV, computer, phone, and game time
  • Set high, but reasonable expectations and goals
  • Praise and encourage your child--Celebrate your child's successes
  • Expect your child to take responsibility for words and actions
  • Turn ordinary time together into teachable moments
  • Do things as a family--make wonderful memories 


What can I do at school to help encourage success?

  • Attend back-to-school nights, open houses, and school programs
  • Read the school newsletter and take part in school events
  • Join our PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization)
  • Support your child in school activities--Be encouraging
  • Open communication between home and school
  • Get to know your child's teachers/administrators
  •  Submit the school volunteer sheet given on the website or newsletter
  • Offer to call other parents to notify them of school events
  • Welcome new families into our school community and offer yourself as a resource person