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USD 273 Beloit

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The public schools of USD No. 273 base their educational programs on those principals necessary to prepare students for responsible citizenship.  As such, the schools recognize that our complex changing society demands that educational programs continue to provide a sound, basic education.


Realizing that students vary in aptitude and interest, the educational program will provide for the development of general knowledge while addressing individual needs and desires.  All students will have an equal opportunity to pursue and acquire an education.


The students of USD No. 273 will be given the opportunity to become (1) academically functional; (2) aware of important cultural heritages, traditions, and lifestyles; (3) aware of vocational opportunities; (4) conscious of the importance of good health and a positive self-image; and (5) aware of the fine arts.




To fulfill the mission of the district, students will be encouraged to do the following:


      -     perform at a competent level, as determined by USD No. 273 faculty, administration, and board of education in 1) reading, writing, speaking, and listening as related to the English language; 2) mathematics; 3) social studies; 4) health, physical education, and recreation; 5) science and scientific study; 6) fine arts; 7) vocational areas; and 8) basic computer literacy;


      -     achieve personal excellence in all endeavors;


      -     learn to examine and use information to develop thinking skills;


      -     learn how to be a good citizen:  understand and appreciate our country, its laws, its culture, and the rights of its citizens;


      -     develop pride in work and a feeling of self-respect and good character while learning to respect people with whom we work and live;


      -     learn about and try to understand the changes that take place in the world;


      -     identify practices for the development and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and leisure time use;


      -     gain skills in managing money, property, and resources;


      -     gain information needed to make job selections and develop skills to enter a future field of work;


      -     gain knowledge of foreign cultures and their languages.




The following persons will actively support the public schools and will accept accountability for the growth of students in the areas mentioned under the Purpose and Goals section of this statement:  parents and patrons of USD No. 273, their representatives on the school board, the superintendent of schools, administrators, building level teachers, and support personnel.  The student will be accountable for taking advantage of opportunities and experiences in education provided by USD No. 273.  Parents will be accountable for encouraging the student to do so.


APPROVED:   October 12, 1987          REVIEWED:   July 9, 2001

AMENDED:     February 13, 1995    REVIEWED AND APPROVED:  March 12, 2012